What we offer?

We offer API-based Bank-as-a-service (BAAS) platform that integrates seamlessly with any existing back-office of traditional banks and provides for non-banks a cost-effective, easy and fast way to launch various Financial products.
  • 1. A digital-first strategy

    • extends beyond just mobile and online devices
    • allows for expansion into emerging channels and communication options
    • Ability to provide anytime, anywhere, any device banking
    • includes an integration strategy that allows for a seamless transition between devices
  • 2. A data analytics-driven experience

    • supports real-time contextual and personalized solutions.
    • provides valuable insights delivered across the organization and to all customer devices,
    • Enables customer-centric product development efforts
  • 3. A Customer-centric perspective

    • provides a seamless experience and an integrated view of financial affair
  • 4. Instant fulfillment

    • made possible by Straight-Through Processing and Real-Time transaction insight availability
  • 5. Open Banking

    • A versatile API strategy
    • Easy integration with third party IT solutions offering
  • 6. Open Architecture

    • Reduces costs and operational risk.
    • Fully integrated, automated digital solution
    • Eliminates duplication and reduces manual processes that result in sub-optimal end results.
  • 7. Upgradable solution

    • Tie back-office and front-office processing into a seamlessly integrated solution.
    • Differing innovation cycles allow for easy independent upgrades of solutions
  • 8. Agile development

    • Products and services can be brought to market almost instantly.
    • This is important to meet dynamic regulatory and customer experience requirements
  • 9. Scalability

    • Our Cloud-based option provide scalability which
      • drives down processing costs
      • easily accommodates increasing data storage and processing needs
      • supports increased security standards


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