UBQT Technology systems develops and markets cloud-based platform of curated, disruptive FinTech Apps and Big-Data Financial Analytic products in partnership with dozens of leading Financial Institutions, Data providers and Strategic partners.

What we offer

  • digital-first strategy
    • extends beyond just mobile and online devices
    • allows for expansion into emerging channels and communication options
    • Ability to provide anytime, anywhere, any device banking
    • includes an integration strategy that allows for a seamless transition between devices

Payment Aggregation Services

We provide a channel for merchants to accept electronic payments from their clients. This enables buyers of products and services to securely pay using their electronic debit/credit cards.

This is a unique offering that provides secure, fast and reliable payment gateway services for different solutions through our Payment Gateway Partner.


Features & Benefits: Typical users:
·        Enables regular billing of customers

·        Security

·        Universal payment options

·        Low turnaround time

·        Prevents fraud

·        Cost effective

·        High availability and flexibility


·        Banks

·        Finance Houses

·        Microfinance Banks

·        Mortgage Companies

·        Other credit granting companies/organizations

·        Retail Companies

·        Governments Agencies



The UB Loan Management System (LMS) is UBQT Technology System Ltd.’s solution aimed at easing the processing and administration of loans. It is aimed at bank and non-bank institutions (microfinance banks, Finance House etc.) who offer credit/loans to the public.

It is an innovative and robust platform that is comprised of a Front-Office Loan Origination System (that supports Nano, Payday, consumer and retail loans, as well as SME and corporate lending) and of a Back-Office Loans Administration system.

The platform is enriched with convenient and unique features, easy procedures and simple terms and conditions.

The automated screening in the Credit Application phase (prequalification), the Internal Rating and Scoring modules, the Credit Limit automatic assessment function and the “one-click” for the proposal, approval and disbursement functions, fulfil the financing lifecycle with sophisticated STP automation of the business processes flow, both in terms of time effectiveness and compliance with internal and external rules and regulations.

Features & Benefits: Typical users:
UB LMS comes with a host of features that are designed to meet the requirements of your business. Its main features include:

•       Dynamic and responsive scoring engine

•       Effortless disbursements and repayments

•       Versatile analytics engine to provide better understanding of the business

•       Comprehensive Credit Bureaux reports

•       Instant Online Bank Account Statement access

•       Intuitive website interface

•       Flexible Reports, Letters, Statement

•       Timely notifications

•       Seamless third party Integration

•       GL

•       CRM

•       Etc.

•       Bespoke Dashboard

•       Automated Workflow and monitoring

•       Advanced security features


UB LMS offers you the ability to focus on your Loan/credit activities while the system does the rest. Its key benefits include:

•       Increase in efficiency

•       Faster turnaround

•       Flexibility and Integration – can work as part of existing systems

•       Visibility of work flow

•       Modular build

•       Reduces credits risk

•       Works with 3rd party applications

•       Robust

•       Quick and easy installation

•       Security of Confidential Information

•       Highly customizable

•       Affordable



  • Our Agent Assisted Branchless Banking Solution is designed to bring Bank branches to the doorstep of your Customers. MFIs could readily appoint Local reputed Merchants as Agents, these Merchants are empowered with simple Digital devices which they will use for communication and work as a Bank. They would create and capture on-the-field KYC documents and also provide no-frills Savings Bank Accounts.
  • The consumer can now initiate Agent assisted financial transactions – Cash Withdrawal/Deposit/Transfers
  • Our Agency Banking offers an Integrated Core Banking System (CBS) with very robust MIS that includes modules for Agent Management, Card Management, Call Centre and SMS.
  • The ABP is configured to reconcile all transactions carried out by the Agents on a daily basis with those that have happened in the CBS/MIS. We have integrated the ABP with Switching Networks for the purpose of on-line real time Financial Transactions with/to all the Banks in the Country.


AKOJOR is our mobile and web application designed for field staff of MFIs to facilitate and automate various daily savings schemes, such as Group Savings, Personal, Thrift savings, Target savings, Specialized savings and Micro Pension savings for the informal sector.

Advantages include:

End to end supervision of field transactions, Transparent transaction through mobile app or instant notifications, Do business anywhere and anytime and IT staff, or servers are not required on MFI premises.

E-wallet App

Our e-wallet is used to store money electronically and allow for buying of pre-paid service. The e-Wallet can also be used to transfer money from one money transferring organization to the other.

Technology Integration and Development

At UBQT we provide robust and foolproof connected business solutions that powers businesses seamlessly across numerous technology platforms and devices such as Point of Sale Terminal (POS), finger print and document scanners. This helps streamline Enterprise services, boost Revenue generation and improves service delivery.


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